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The Masocast is a New York City-based sexuality podcast that features interviews with people who identify as kinky.  We explore thoughts on BDSM, fetish, how we are shaped by our kink, society and a whole bunch of other…stuff. Skype voicemail username: masocast Email:

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    Adele Smith


    I enjoy your podcast tremendously! I listen to the Dungeon Place podcast & heard about your podcast from them. I have downloaded all your past podcasts as well as the most recent ones.

    I am interested in being interviewed. I feel that I am a lively & interesting person with a lot to offer & a few good stories to tell. I would be honored to talk about my most favorite of subjects, bdsm, kink, sex etc.

    I have one caveat, could I go by my scene name, & retain some anonymity.

    Thanks for the opportunity to discuss an interview.



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