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Natasha Gornik: A Good Lather

Natasha Gornik: A Good Lather

Natasha Gornik is back on the podcast, this time talking about financial slavery, traveling Prague with Sade, how we spend our holidays, threesomes and a whole lot more.

You can find Natasha on her website

There are some juicy outtakes from this episode you can only hear by donating $50 or more to the podcast.


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Natasha Gornik: Part 2

Part 2 of our conversation with Natasha Gornik (go back and listen to part 1 if you haven’t yet) where she talks about her adventures in Berlin and Amsterdam, her artwork, how people view her photography and so much more.

You can find her online at` and follow her on twitter @natashagornik

Reminder: Sade and I will be at the Creating and Living Positive BDSM and Kinky Lifestyle Relationships Workshop May 26-27. Here’s the Fetlife event link.

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