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New York Toy Collective


Chelsea and Parker from the New York Toy Collective jump on the show to talk about building a better sex toy. We talk about what inspired them to build their own toys, the science behind it, finding a penis model, how their families reacted to it and their adventures along the way. You can find them online here: newyorktoycollective.com

Also Feb 11th 2013, you can get your own model made, details here:


A Totally Disgusting Monster Would Be Nice


Raven Lightholme from the Freedom Of Fetish podcast returns to the show. We talk hentai, what she’d do if she had a cock for 48-hours, what’s going on with Freedom Of Fetish and more.

Find her podcast at freedomoffetish.com and find her on twitter @RavenLightholme


Dear Mistress: Desperate Human


Dear Mistress is back!

In this episode, Mistress Alex gives some well-worded help to a guy who’s worried he’ll be replaced by a machine.

You can email your questions to [email protected] and you can find Mistress Alex at Mistressalexnyc.com