Month: August 2011


Homosapiens Like To Stick Things In Their Butts

Released while in the middle of Hurricane Irene, it’s another death defying episode where I sit down with Sex Nerd Sandra.  We talk lube, all things anal, how she started as a sex educator, orgies, how she came out to her family and her brand spakin’ new podcast.

You can find Sandra and the podcast here and you can find her on twitter here.

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Kink From Around The World: Sweden

In this episode it’s a conversation with my friend Limer from Sweden.  We talk about the initial fears one experiences when first exploring the scene.   Sexual tourism in Europe, the scene in Sweden, the confusing aspects of the hanky code, the perils of reading a kink list on Fetlife, how cooking can be the best way to impress someone and a whole lot more.

Find him on Fetlife here and follow him on Twitter here