Month: December 2011


The Future Of The Masocast

In this episode I read some listener emails, including one theory about foreign foot-worship, one listener and their desire to see a live version of the Masocast, another requesting an interview on the show.

This episode is a call to action to find out what you’d like to hear in 2012 from The Masocast. Are there any guests in particular you’d like? Any specific topics that haven’t been covered yet or….who knows what? Shoot me an email [email protected]

Hope you have a happy and safe holiday and another “normal” episode is on the way.


Mistress Veronica’s Zombie-Porn Hippie-Dippie Extravaganza

A conversation with Mistress Veronica, we talk about pagan outdoor gathering things, experimenting, creating a separate dominant persona, zombies, zombie porn, her gang The Voilent Fems, Sherlock Holmes,  and Gern Blanston.

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