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Ferns Is Back

Ferns is back for another triumphant episode. She talks about vanilla dating, how she can get 80% of what she wants from a vanilla man (and what that 20% is), how she brings the subject of her popular blog and podcast (or doesn’t bring it up), her writing and a whole lot more.
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The Return Of Ferns

FernsNakedLadyIn this episode I shell out more details on how you can submit your own episodes to air on the Masocast plus Ferns is back on the show. We talk about her new book Domme Chronicles: Erotic Tales Of Love, Passion, & Domination, how a guy should properly display photos of himself on dating sites, being an introvert, emotional fearlessness, her blog and a load more.

You can find Ferns online at and you can find links to buy her book there too.


Kink From Around The Globe: Australia

In this episode I talk with Ferns about living in Australia, her early experiences with kink, cybersex, D/s relationships and a whole lot more.

You can find her website at

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