There Are Always Going To Be Douchebags

In this episode I sat down with Sara Eileen, who you may know from A Place To Draw Blood Laughing.

She talked about being a sex geek, finding her sexuality, the types of people she likes to play with and I confess how she makes me feel stupid (because she’s so damn smart).

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Really Rough Sex Days

Mistress Alex talks about exploring with belts, shopping for a boy, sadism and more.
You can read her blog at http://severinefeist.blogspot.com
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Mistress Alex talks about exploring with belts, shopping for a boy, sadism and more.

You can read her blog at Mistressalexnyc.com

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Could You Just Use Your Fist?

Sinclair talks about gender, swagger, sex in public, cock confidence, how she’s having the best sex of her life and more.

Read more about Sinclair at Sugarbutchnet

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Never Saw So Many A-holes In My Life

A conversation with my friend Miss Eliza. She talks about how hard it is to find a houseboy, being detained by customs for being kinky, violence, medical play, and lots lots lots more.

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All Right, Put It In

Mia, from the I Want Your Sex podcast, talks about her good and bad experiences in going to sex parties, the things she’s into that she doesn’t podcast about, homophobia and advice to those who are curious in going to sex parties.

I’ll admit, this episode does get a bit self-serving at times since sex parties have been a long-time curiosity of mine.

Download Mia’s podcast at MiaOnTop.com or on iTunes.