Below is an edited version of the early chat conversations between SchoolSafetyPatrol and HollyGoNightly.  Thanks to both of them for sharing this:


AIM IM with Holly Go Nightly 3/16/07 9:33 PM

School Safety Patrol: hello.

Holly Go Nightly: hi

SSO: this is [name removed]… from myspace.

HGN: i figured 🙂

SSO: cuz u smart!

HGN: lol some people think so

SSO: nice to meet you.
SSO: (online)

HGN: nice to “meet” you too lol

SSO: so let me ask you something.

HGN: shoot

SSO: did you get to see “enrichment time” at tiger mountain?

HGN: lol enrichment time? no

SSO: zomfg!
SSO: 2-3x a day the handlers go in and pull down a section of the wall.
SSO: and there’s just a netting between you and the ladies.
SSO: and the handlers bring over the tigers and give them treats and stuff.

HGN: oh my god
HGN: i would just die 🙂

SSO: i have a cool pic, they get them to get up on their hind feet so you can see their belly.
SSO: white with black spots.

HGN: oh gosh, gorgeous

SSO: yeah.
SSO: did you see the other cats at the zoo?
SSO: panthers? snow leopards?

HGN: i didn’t have time, i spent all of it with the tigers

SSO: oh!

HGN: we went right after school, and on that day the zoo closed early or something

SSO: ah.
SSO: well if you ever want company for another trip.

HGN: and i was there just to study the tigers’ movements and such…. i need to go back lol

SSO: i’m always up for going.

HGN: definetely

SSO: the panthers are awesome.

HGN: i bet 🙂

SSO: i have a pic of one on my myspace.
SSO: they look at you like you’re lunch.

HGN: lol i saw that one
HGN: they’re still beautiful lol

SSO: definitely. but terrifying.
SSO: not like my old lady here.

HGN: lol
HGN: maybe that’s why i love big cats… they’re beautiful and powerful and dangerous…

SSO: just to complete my tiger-geek cred, if you google “tiger island” you’ll see there’s this theme park in australia called “dreamland.”

HGN: yes, i know

SSO: where all these tigers have been hand raised and are walked around on leashes
SSO: 🙂

HGN: my mom was just in australia….. but i don’t think she went there….

SSO: i’m going before i die.

HGN: lol fuck, me too

SSO: nice.
SSO: so what are you doing now?
SSO: just killing time in the dorm room because it sucks out?

HGN: basically lol

SSO: cheap thrills.

HGN: i’m not going out tonight because tomorrow’s st. patty’s day and so we’re all going out then
HGN: besides, i have rehearsal tomorrow morning

SSO: oof.
SSO: rehearsal then DRINKING!

HGN: lol i don’t really drink that much
HGN: i’ll probably get a little drunk
HGN: but not sloshed lol
HGN: then again, who knows :_P

SSO: probably wise.

HGN: 😛

SSO: but leave your options open!

HGN: lol exactly

SSO: so where are the dorms?

HGN: in the [name removed] hotel, actually
HGN: manhattan

SSO: oh wow.
SSO: funny.

HGN: funny?

SSO: your dorm’s in a hotel.

HGN: lol yeah
HGN: people hear i live in a hotel and they’re like “oh that must be awesome!” but it’s just like a dorm…. and all the people on my floor are all students

SSO: on the plus side, [NYC transit hub] is right there…

HGN: i have a roommate and everything
HGN: exactly

SSO: and the good movie theater on [street name removed].

HGN: yup

SSO: not so bad.
SSO: noisy?

HGN: and my school is only about 10 blocks away, so i can walk
HGN: there are sirens and car horns, but i’ve gotten used to them

SSO: lol. i wear earplugs when i sleep now.

HGN: when i went home for christmas break, i actually had a tough time going to sleep because it was too damn quiet

SSO: ears ringing?
SSO: from the silence?

HGN: lol yeah

SSO: i remember that.

HGN: which is so weird, cause i mean i grew up with the silence. and then i live here for a few months and i can’t sleep without noise 😛

SSO: yup.
SSO: btw, i love the 5th element pic you have.

HGN: lol
HGN: thanks

SSO: great reference. one of my favorite movies.

HGN: me too
HGN: i dye my hair a lot….

SSO: that’s cool.

HGN: keeps things interesting

SSO: you have tattoos or piercings?

HGN: 2 piercings in each ear, and a [removed design] tattoo on my [body part]

SSO: ok that’s pretty cool.
SSO: i was never a big fan of tattoos.

HGN: my sister and i each got the same tattoo over break, sort of a bonding thing
HGN: it took some convincing for our parents to give in lol

SSO: i bet!

HGN: but it’s small, it means something, and it’s on my [body part] so i can hide it easily

SSO: true.
SSO: so what color is the hair now?

HGN: lol brown

SSO: natural?

HGN: i’m naturally a blonde

SSO: lol.
SSO: nice.
SSO: i was assuming you weren’t a natural “blue”

HGN: lol unfortunately not

SSO: my cat is hopping around giving me these little mouth-close meows.

HGN: awwwwwwwww

SSO: “merp.”

HGN: i miss talking to my cats…. i would always repeat whatever sound they made and we would “talk” lol

SSO: i do that.
SSO: little purr-meows and grunts

HGN: hehe yup 🙂
HGN: mrrroww
HGN: prrrrowww

SSO: i got woken up with a cat-sneeze to my face at point-blank range yesterday.
SSO: that was a new one.

HGN: [removed link to facebook album of Holly’s cats]
HGN: lol cat sneezes are cute….

SSO: !!!

HGN: my kitties 😀

SSO: littermates?

HGN: [cat A]’s “mine” and [cat B] is my sister’s
HGN: yup
HGN: sisters

SSO: or “sistas!”

HGN: lol
HGN: [cat A]’s the really sweet one… [cat B] is more spastic

SSO: they look fun.
SSO: how old?

HGN: 8 or 9, i think
HGN: but they still act like little kitties
HGN: i could go on and on about them…….


HGN: lol

SSO: trust me.
SSO: i have to stop myself with people because i think i’m starting to freak them out.

HGN: lol i know
HGN: it’s like, i know you really don’t care, but i have to tell you all about my cats……

SSO: well hey, it’s an important part of your life.

HGN: yes, they are

SSO: it just happens to involve two little fuzzy girls.

HGN: 🙂

SSO: so how long have you been in nyc?

HGN: since october

SSO: how do you like it so far?
SSO: culture shock?

HGN: oh i love it here 🙂
HGN: a little bit…. but i’ve visited new york three times before and i could always see myself living here

SSO: and you’re not in the most optimal living situation… so that’s a good sign if you like it at this point.

HGN: ha, yeah
HGN: i can’t wait until i get my own apartment lol

SSO: you know when that’ll be?

HGN: hopefully august
HGN: it depends on if i get asked back for second year at my school

SSO: you have to get asked back?

HGN: yeah
HGN: it’s not a regular college, it’s a 2 year academy

SSO: cool.

HGN: yeah, it’s actually really nice that i don’t have to take core classes like math lol

SSO: specifically for acting or musical theater or performance in general or?

HGN: specifically for acting
HGN: though we take dance and singing as well, because it’s all relative and it helps with acting

SSO: sure.

HGN: though i’ve done musical theater, too

SSO: gotcha.
SSO: i had to take directing, editing, acting…
SSO: all that stuff.

HGN: 🙂

SSO: acting was fun but i don’t think i was any good.

HGN: well if it’s not what you want to do for the rest of your life

SSO: i just realized it wasn’t a strength.

HGN: singing’s not a strength of mine, but i like doing it

SSO: this is what i’m saying.
SSO: 🙂

HGN: whatever makes you happy, i think that’s what you should do 🙂

SSO: as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone.

HGN: exactly
HGN: amen

SSO: and preferably if you can make a living doing it.
SSO: 🙂

HGN: lol yeah, that’s the hard part

SSO: right.

HGN: (i just put in one of my favorite movies… shakespeare in love 🙂 )

SSO: ah.
SSO: are you avoiding someone(s)?
SSO: with the away msg?

HGN: oh no, i just always have it on

SSO: um.
SSO: ok.

HGN: lol
HGN: if i didn’t, i would be bombarded with 7 ims and therefore have 7 conversations going at once…. and if someone does im me that i don’t feel like talking to…. well i’m “away” aren’t i?

SSO: gotcha.

HGN: you’re not the first person to complain about it lol

SSO: not complaining.
SSO: just noticing.

HGN: ah ic

SSO: the repeating might get a little much.
SSO: i have a thing for ichat that makes it only once per convo.

HGN: hm
HGN: i can take it off, if you prefer

SSO: not on my account.
SSO: i’ll live. 🙂

HGN: lol well i hope so

SSO: lol.
SSO: i’m looking at your facebook photos.

HGN: lol oh no

SSO: should i stop?

HGN: do whatever you want lol
HGN: i just know there are some crazy ones in there lol

SSO: i’d expect nothing less!
SSO: day glow green!
SSO: bowties!

HGN: lol

SSO: woohoo.

HGN: yippee

SSO: where’s the batchelor party at?

HGN: bachelor party?

SSO: looks like you’re all on your way to one.
SSO: in that photo.

HGN: lol what photo?

SSO: on facebook
SSO: black outfits and dayglo green trim.

HGN: ohhhhh that was for a tap dance

SSO: i figured.
SSO: jazz hands and everything!

HGN: lol no jazz hands in that one… just benny goodman 🙂

SSO: gotcha.
SSO: btw, you’re really cute.
SSO: i’m looking for a bad pic and i can’t find one. lol.

HGN: well, thank you
HGN: lol there are some in there, believe me……
HGN: find any pictures you really like?

SSO: oh for sure.

HGN: i’m a curious person…. which ones? lol

SSO: ok let’s see…
SSO: well your headshots are great.

HGN: those were taken fairly recently….

SSO: let me get back to the myspace once.
SSO: ones

HGN: ok
HGN: the myspace ones are in my facebook ones….

SSO: well you picked winners for myspace.

HGN: lol

SSO: ok so i love the red hair.
SSO: so that’s a winner.

HGN: i’m probably going back to red soon….
HGN: i used to be red all the time

SSO: the next two are great. just head/shoulders of you with brown hair.

HGN: until a play called for me to dye my hair

SSO: it looks like you have almost no makeup on in those.

HGN: well good, cause i am wearing it lol

SSO: just a bit of eyeliner?
SSO: and lip stuff?

HGN: eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, foundation, blush, probably some kind of lip stuff

SSO: oof.

HGN: lol

SSO: well nicely done.

HGN: thank you

SSO: the biting nails one is my favorite.

HGN: lol
HGN: i like that one too

SSO: the friday night one is good too.

HGN: ha yeah, one of my guy friends was like ‘what?? it looks like you just got fucked’ when he saw that picture….

SSO: well that’s just the “messy” hair.

HGN: lol yeah

SSO: but the color and style are great

HGN: well thanks

SSO: and the choker is a turn on.

HGN: i do that a lot with ribbon

SSO: for me anyway.
SSO: what’s the story with [a cute girl kissing Holly in a photo]

HGN: lol

SSO: she looks a little concerned.

HGN: she’s just one of my close friends, nothing has ever happened sexually between us
HGN: lol

SSO: that’s funny tho.

HGN: her boyfriend was like ‘you two get together’ and that’s the result lol

SSO: nice.

HGN: i know, she’s adorable

SSO: is she at school in nyc with you?

HGN: no, she’s a junior in high school

SSO: gotcha.

HGN: her boyfriend and i have been friends for a long time, so that’s the connection
HGN: and when we met, we just really hit it off

SSO: cool.

HGN: lol thanks for the comment….

SSO: one more there.

HGN: 🙂

SSO: 🙂
SSO: so if you’re feeling inspired at any point here, feel free to drop another “i’ll answer anything” question on me.

HGN: lol ditto

SSO: well i’m not easily offended.
SSO: or grossed out.
SSO: lol.

HGN: what makes you think i’m easily offended? lol

SSO: well i don’t know!
SSO: 🙂
SSO: because you seem like a nice girl.

HGN: lol ah it’s all a facade 😉

SSO: maybe with a demon inside, but i don’t know that.

HGN: i give off the impression of being sweet and innocent, but don’t let that fool you lol

SSO: oh really now?

HGN: lol

SSO: well that just warms my dark heart.

HGN: oh?

SSO: well, assuming it’s not just talk.

HGN: it’s not

SSO: well then.
SSO: let the interrogation begin.
SSO: lol.

HGN: lol

SSO: you’ve had sex?

HGN: lol yes

SSO: hey, gotta start somewhere.
SSO: what’s the point of me asking if you like being tied up if you haven’t even had sex yet?

HGN: do i honestly look like a virgin? lol

SSO: you look innocent enough.

HGN: O:-)

SSO: hm.
SSO: i bet you’d be fun to meet.

HGN: hehe

SSO: would you be into that?

HGN: meeting you?

SSO: yes.

HGN: i’d like to get to know you a bit more first

SSO: of course.

HGN: i’m always a bit hesitant and careful to meet people online

SSO: i was NOT thinking tonight.
SSO: lol.

HGN: lol no not tonight

SSO: no.

HGN: i’m not going out in this weather

SSO: exactly.
SSO: well let’s see.
SSO: ok tell me about sex. what do you like?

HGN: lol oh boy, let’s see…

SSO: you’ve got a guy… you’re into him. you can do anything you want.

HGN: well i would want him to do what he wants to me…. i love to be dominated

SSO: really.

HGN: oh yes

SSO: just physically or psychologically.

HGN: both

SSO: talking.
SSO: taking orders.
SSO: stuff like that?

HGN: yes

SSO: that’s cool.
SSO: what is it you like about being submissive?

HGN: i honestly don’t know. i’m a bit of a masochist in bed, so i guess that’s part of it. it’s funny, cause i’m kind of a feminist but being dominated turns me on more than anything
HGN: i guess it’s the idea that the guy thinks i’m so attractive and hot, that he HAS to have me no matter what

SSO: there’s noting anti-feminist about taking ownership of your own preferences in bed.
SSO: so like master/slave stuff or just hold you down and ravish you.

HGN: both

SSO: wow.
SSO: how much of this have you actually done, versus just fantasize about?

HGN: i’ve never really done any role playing like that, but i’ve been called names, held down, spanked, choked, tied up, had my hair pulled, been “forced”….

SSO: ok so some basic stuff.

HGN: i like pain in bed, but to a certain degree. no blood or anything

SSO: no scars.

HGN: exactly

SSO: nothing permanent.

HGN: i’m an actress, i have to keep my looks lol

SSO: exactly.
SSO: no black eyes.

HGN: yeah that would be bad lol
HGN: though my back has been scratched so hard i’ve had marks for days… and i’ve been spanked so hard i’ve had bruises

SSO: i like dominating but i haven’t found anyone i’m comfortable enough with.

HGN: how do you mean?

SSO: well, i have to trust her that she REALLY wants to remove all the safetys on my whatever… personality in bed i guess.
SSO: and i have never felt that freedom from anyone.
SSO: to let go.
SSO: it’s frustrating.

HGN: what would you do if you could let go?

SSO: that’s just it. i don’t know how far i’d go. probably as far as she’d let me.
SSO: i haven’t even had the freedom to imagine.
SSO: but it’s a growing problem because sex has been boring for me. i haven’t met the right girl.

HGN: i understand
HGN: my last boyfriend “didn’t want to hurt me”

SSO: damn.

HGN: i know lol

SSO: so when was the last time you had it the way you like it?

HGN: october

SSO: and why didn’t it continue?

HGN: cause he’s in michigan and i’m here lol

SSO: gotcha.

HGN: i’m from michigan, btw

SSO: gotcha.
SSO: so will you egg the guy on to get what you want?

HGN: that’s kind of the opposite of domination lol

SSO: not necessarily.

HGN: i don’t like to tell the guy what i want him to “force” me or tell me to do….

SSO: got it.
SSO: hm.
SSO: just got a meow in the face.

HGN: awww 🙂
HGN: mrow?

SSO: this was a loud long one.
SSO: she’s an alto.

HGN: lol

SSO: she’s got a busted grill, hard of hearing… eyesight sucks at close range.

HGN: awwww sweetheart

SSO: yeah.
SSO: she got one big fang on the right top.
SSO: and she knows how to use it if she needs to.
SSO: 😉

HGN: lol
HGN: i do have a question to ask of you…..

SSO: shoot.

HGN: you do realize how old i am, right?

SSO: um.
SSO: yeah.

HGN: lol ok
HGN: just making sure

SSO: do you?

HGN: last i checked i was 19

SSO: i mean do you realize how old i am.

HGN: yes

SSO: ok.
SSO: well it doesn’t bother me.

HGN: my last boyfriend was 33; age is really just a number to me

SSO: i’ve had relationships with girls older than me as well…
SSO: my honest feeling is that, it’s hard enough to find someone you can connect with.

HGN: i’ve always dated guys who were at least a year older than i lol

SSO: to limit it.
SSO: so if you and i get along, great. if not… that’s cool.

HGN: that’s how i feel
HGN: according to people, i don’t act like a 19 year old anyway lol

SSO: well maybe i’ll find out for myself some day.

HGN: lol

SSO: then again, maybe i won’t.
SSO: hahaha.

HGN: lol who knows

SSO: hang on. i’ll get on my imac.
SSO: that has vid.

HGN: lol ok
HGN: this might not work… my cam tends not to work well on aim….

SSO: brb.

HGN: …
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