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F^ck-Party USA

Big news! If you’re one of the first seven people to donate $200 or more you get to hang with Mistress Crimson. If you’re in New York, Boston or Chicago you can meet in person, otherwise you can visit her via Skype. Get advice about your sex life, coming out to your partner, scene ideas or just shoot the shit.

In this episode Kevin Allison is back. We talk about his experiences at Kink Camp, taking your time exploring sex, asses, electro play, cattle prods, orgies and a hell of a lot more.


Kevin Takes A Risk

Kevin Allison sits down to talk about his podcast RISK!, what it’s like being out about kink and being in the entertainment industry, his first kink event, meeting guys through his podcast, playing proctologist and a whole lot more.

You can find his podcast on iTunes by simply searching for RISK! or you can find it at www.risk-show.com, find him on Twitter @TheKevinAllison, his Fetlife profile is RedKev and his school can be found online at www.thestorystudio.org

If you’ve never heard RISK! before, the latest episode is a great way to start.  It’s the best of RISK! #4 with such fine folks as friend of the show, Lee Harrington. Download it in iTunes here.