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midori2Midori is one of those people who makes you feel smarter after having a conversation.   Anyone who feels self-conscious about their kink should just listen to her talk for a few minutes and see how she changes your outlook on things.

Midori is back and we talk about misconceptions about bondage, her artwork, her “gals network”, learning the tools of your kink, having the right mindset before play and lots more.

Find her artwork at ranshin.com her website at PlanetMidori.com

Her events can be found at fortefemme.com and ropedojo.com


Planet Midori

midoriheadshot_004edFirst of all, thanks to everyone who has donated so far.   Every bit helps so thanks. Also thanks to Morgana Maye who’s joined Mistress Crimson and offered a gift for those who donate a certain amount.

Midori jumps on the show this episode and we talk about her personal kink history, her many different events and classes, rope and a ton more.

To learn more about her classes, calendar & newsletter: www.fhp-inc.com

Passionate Bonds D/s Protocol weekend w Midori & Laura Antoniou: www.passionatebonds.com

ForteFemme Women’s Dominance Weekend Intensive: www.fortefemme.com

Rope Bondage Dojo (R) : www.ropedojo.com

Info on live-stream of performance in Oaxaca, Mexico of “Bridge of Mud & Feathers”: bit.ly/mudfeather

Twitter: @PlanetMidori
Instagram: @PlanetMidori
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PlanetMidori

Her books:

“Wild Side Sex: The Book of Kink”

Kindle version of “Wild Side Sex: The Book of Kink”

“Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage”

“Master Han’s Daughter”