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Sex and Religion

AlexChairMistress Alex sits down with her friend actor, comedian and all-around-good-guy John Fugelsang for a conversation about sex, religion, sex and religion, John’s career in TV, his latest project traveling around the country and so much more.

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Stephen Elliott Returns

Stephen Elliott is back (listen to his first episode here) with Mistress Alex. We talk about his experience directing his first film About Cherry that ma6took place in Kink.com’s Armory, what it’s like being “that guy”, his book Happy Baby and a ton more.

Find Stephen online at Stephenelliott.com on twitter @S___Elliott, find Mistress Alex at mistressalexnyc.com on twitter @MistressAlexNYC.

Find his film About Cherry here



Dear Mistress: The Strong Submissive Type

The first of many bonus episodes we’re calling: Dear Mistress.

Mistress Alex answers messages from those seeking advise. In this episode, a desperate submissive male struggles in the dating world.

You can email your questions to [email protected] and you can find Mistress Alex at Mistressalexnyc.com


Dominant Roundtable

A roundtable discussion between Ayla, Alex, Sade and Troy about a variety of topics including the sacred aspects of BDSM, kinky cloning, hiring a sex worker and more.

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