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F^ck-Party USA

Big news! If you’re one of the first seven people to donate $200 or more you get to hang with Mistress Crimson. If you’re in New York, Boston or Chicago you can meet in person, otherwise you can visit her via Skype. Get advice about your sex life, coming out to your partner, scene ideas or just shoot the shit.

In this episode Kevin Allison is back. We talk about his experiences at Kink Camp, taking your time exploring sex, asses, electro play, cattle prods, orgies and a hell of a lot more.


It Hurt And It Was Awesome

A talk with my friend Kate about being poly, her first experiences in the scene, her love of rope, ponies, planning your own gangbang and more.

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I’m currently booked full for interviews this year but am looking for more awesome people in 2012.  If you or someone you know would like to be on the show just send me an email.


How To Plan Your Own Orgy

A conversation with Jefferson about why he started sex-blogging, orgies, poly, playing, the differences between straight, bi, and gay sex-parties, his new storytelling series and a whole lot more.

Plus some listener email where I work on world peace, deflect some hate and spread the love.

You can find Jefferson online here and you can read about his storytelling series at Bare.

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Homosapiens Like To Stick Things In Their Butts

Released while in the middle of Hurricane Irene, it’s another death defying episode where I sit down with Sex Nerd Sandra.  We talk lube, all things anal, how she started as a sex educator, orgies, how she came out to her family and her brand spakin’ new podcast.

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