Dec 192011

In an email to J:

So, I ordered another set of plugs–I’m hoping this set works a little better.

I felt ridiculous sitting there in my living room examining them all, squeezing each one to check firmness, weighing them in my hands, lining them all up in a neat little row to see the differences in size. At one point, I had a line of plugs sitting on my coffee table and one in each hand. It was then I realized I had enough to make an entire army of butt plugs. I have a butt plug army.

Let me put it another way…

Picture Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, only instead of Snow White, it was me, and instead of seven dwarfs, there were butt plugs.

snow white with a flogger and seven butt plugs


For the record, there were WAY more than seven.

  2 Responses to “dumb things I’ve said, 3 (now illustrated!)*”

  1. @WBW: Snow White, good. Butt plugs, good. Snow White + butt plugs = awesome.

    You'll thank me later. ;)

  2. Are you trying to ruin cartoons for me? :-P

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