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    Great interview! I laughed out loud when Stephen said most writers were liberals because they had empathy. :)

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    Excellent as usual, Mistress Alex has a lovely sensual voice.
    The comments concerning ‘understanding desire without sex’ oddly struck a chord here.

    Thank you,

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    One of your top three episodes. Well done!

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    You know, it’s really narrow minded to go around disregarding potential dates because of preconceived notions that there’s no way they could be kinky (re: why it’s best to date sex workers).

    I’m spicy vanilla and proud of it.

    Then again, I come from a family where my mother blurted out at tea last month, “You know, I hear the Japanese are really kinky!”

    Yes, we were all speechless while sipping our Darjeeling, but…

    Don’t ASSume that I have NOT talked to my relatives about kinkiness – I told my mother proudly in 1996 “My friend is working as a Domme, Mom”….

    She was cool with it and I went back to my copy of I Was a Teenage Dominitrix, to try and understand my friend better.

    I understand that there is a higher agenda here (i.e. the mainstream won’t publish my article about going to a sex worker, blah, blah blah so I’m going to make a major motion picture about it…)

    But you should really give people more credit.

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