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The 100th Episode


It’s the 100th episode!

This episode is a little different, you’ll hear a conversation with Sade and the details of her search for a female submissive, sleep-fucking and more. Then you’ll hear a bunch of smaller clips from past episodes.

Thanks so much for everyone who’s supported the show either by donations, reviews and ratings or by simply sending your words of encouragement.


Things Are So Much Easier Without Boobs


Brant MacDuff sits in front of the mic this episode to talk about moving to New York and meeting others in the scene, being a trans-man, read some of his kinky poetry, his lion’s mane and puts Julie Andrews to shame.

You can find him on Fetlife under the name AlastairMacDuff. Just be sure to mention you heard him on the podcast before friending him.

Also you can hear a few clips of the bonus episodes you’ll get by donating to the show and keep it up and running.


Laughing Maniacally


I don’t do crazy things every day..unless I do.

A conversation with Natasha Gornik where Sade and I discuss..unique introductions to kink while laughing maniacally, her experiences behind the camera, her first and last experiment in wrestling, the difference between dating kinky and vanilla, being naked and powerful, how she gets women to take off their clothes and so much more than what can fit in one podcast.

You can find her online at nastybydesign.com and follow her on twitter @natashagornik

This is part one. Part two will come down the pipe in a couple of months.



Another way to f*&k c&$k

Masocast Logo

Sade and I sit down with our good friend Goddess Coko.

We talk about her complaints about the scene, how to accept advice, her sexy and kinky twitter account, urethral sounds, the biggest faux pas in writing an online introduction, her problem with protocols, and yes even butterflies and dolphins.

You can follow her on twitter here and find her on Fetlife here.



Ultimate Secret For Sadists


A conversation with Tutivillus where we talk about heavy play, more talk about kinky Utah, the bumpy road of successful polyamory, his future projects and a whole lot more.

There’s a new way to promote your kinky events on the Masocast.  Just call and leave a voicemail.