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  1. Hi there,

    Have very much been enjoying the podcast!  Keep it up.  :)  I don’t mind if you mostly talk to dominant women, either!  I have been trying to become one myself, so I very much enjoy hearing what the have to say.  Would like to hear from sub men, particularly who are into things which do not strongly imply femaleness is degrading.

    I saw a video on youtube which made me think of the lady you interview in this episode, who disliked her married clients:

    Oh and personally I don’t miss theme music at all.  I think it’s difficult to do right, often ending up being annoying because it’s too long, not to my taste or too loud to listen through headphones when the volume is adjusted for hearing speaking.  Though if you do want music, jazz would be a great choice.  Maybe “gypsy in my soul” by Ella Fitzgerald?

    Anyway I hope you keep having fun with this, I certainly am. 🙂

    – SW

  2. This interview caused quite a stir on “The Hang” and it is very much worth listening to.  Mistress Ayla is less than enamored of the pro scene and she does not mince words. Especially objectionable to her are the number of married men who seek relief for their kink with a pro and lie to their families about it. I understand her point of view about this having been a married client myself.  I am very fortunate to have been able to work out a D/s relationship with my wife. Many men are not as lucky as I am and I can understand their predicament.
    I was fortunate to actually meet Mistress Ayla and she made a very strong impression on me. She struck me as a true dominant not just a young woman trying to work her way though grad school. She really took control of me in the brief time I had with her and the connection we shared was a powerful and memorable one for me.  We spoke about me being a married client and she made her views on the subject quite clear.  She was also very supportive when I later told her I was serving my wife exclusively. I laughed out loud when she returned to The Hang and started hurling Molotov cocktails around. She’s a pistol that one! The real deal! No BS! What you see is what you get! 😉
    Great interview! A real eye opener! 🙂
    All The Best

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