An Exclusive

An interview with Lolita Wolf about how she discovered kink, the appeal of threesomes with two men, what makes a good kink event, how to spank and much much more.

See her website at

See her feature in the New York Times here.

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  1. The camp sounds AWESOME! Also, I tried googling for “Vault” and “Jill-off”, but didn’t find anything. But it sounds a little squicky 🙂

    As to the spanking: yes! Unless it’s a punishment, warm-up is important. As to technique, it seems I just happen to like the “good spank”, i.e. the upwards spank or u-turn spank or what you want to call it.

    And maybe you should start asking the top5-questions from everyone, that was nice 🙂

    The NY Times thing is great. I love the photo with them holding hands.

  2. THANK YOU! I have felt as if the people you have interviewed previously were obscenely “young, beautiful and hip”, to the point I felt a disconnect from them because I am not so young, not so beautiful and definitely not hip.
    I LOVED Lolita because she is doing her thing, doing it with confidence, loving it while she does it and is someone I can see myself hanging out, sharing stories and laughing with…as she said, after listening to her I didn’t feel so alone. 🙂

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