Sex Manners For Boys And Men

My friend Evermore and I sat down with photographer Adrian B.
We talk about taking photos in a sexually charged atmosphere, traditional English discipline, what is required to convince someone to take their clothes off for a photo shoot, French teachers, and sex manners for boys and men.
You can now submit questions for the guests by using the form on the sidebar of the website.
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One Comment

  1. Is there somewhere I can see some of the images you were talking about? The website is pretty “clean”, and Evermore was very complimental, now I’m curious 🙂

    Other than that, good to hear another episode. I was a little afraid that the anniversary would be the end of it – it wouldn’t have been the first podcast to celebrate some milestone and then drop off.

    And I would love to take a look at that instruction manual, that sounds hilarious. But jacking off in class? Man. Man. I don’t know what to say, and I’m (almost) a teacher.

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