The Eiffel Tower

A conversation with Wendy Blackheart about how she discovered fisting and strap-ons, why gay porn is better than straight, the problems with Femdom Porn,  explaining the Eiffel Tower, playing with fictional characters, dirty emails from fans,  and much more.  Plus a voicemail (yes a voicemail) from a fellow podcaster.

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One Comment

  1. See attached a picture of my dick.

    Great episode again. Man, you’re quick on your feet, aren’t you? Have you done stand-up?

    I agree with Wendy: Wolverine is such a painslut, no way he’s a dominant guy. No fucking way.

    I also agree about the Femdom porn (and most porn in general). One of the hottest films I’ve ever seen was a transgender porn film because they were all so into it, I didn’t care they were sucking on silicone dicks. It was awesome. Compare that to the “look sultry” mode of bored detachment in mainstream porn – I understand these are working actors and actresses, and they don’t get to choose their projects just based on whether they’re into it – but that’s the illusion of porn, they have to pretend to be really, really into it (unless you’re talking about those exploitation porn films where humiliation is the goal).

    New thing I learned today: punch-fisting. Not sure I wanted to learn that, but there you go.

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