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  1. That was awesome! I identify as a Daddy, so this episode was just right for me! Also, extremely good quality, I would have thought Skype would sound more scrambled.

    I’m not a fan of diapers, but then again, I don’t have to wear them, so I’m pretty open about that (as about many other things), and it seems I’m rare in that I do have social boundaries 😉

    As for good fiction, there’s a dearth of it out there, and I have also started writing my own (I am a published writer), but the emphasis is on started there.

  2. We both enjoyed this pod-cast very much. You’re a first class ambassador for our cause and so glad to have you. Much thanks from us both.

  3. I don’t care for age-play, and I’m not at all turned on by diapers, but I must say, this was my favorite Masocast to date. The enthusiasm and honesty with which Mako spoke made the impossible seem possible.

    The anecdote about the older couple reminded me that it’s always best to be honest and forthcoming about our kinks with our intimate partners. Just like Mako, I don’t want to waste all those years.

    Great episode. They’re always good–but this one was especially so.


  4. As someone in to this (and a furry to boot) i have to say i loved this, ive never heard someone talk about this side of me for so long and so well.

    Wish id found this sooner.

  5. Wow, great podcast! After listening to this, I think Mako is so amazing and brilliant!

    Lots of fun stories in this podcast! Your housekeeper is a badass! Love ageplay! Love Camp Crucible! I have only been one time, but honestly it was the one week of my life I have felt most at home, accepted, and able to be open with people. It was difficult to leave and return to normal life and the “real” world; I cried when I had to leave! It’s the best event to go to, especially for littles, ponies, and puppies, but honestly also for anyone kinky. Wonderful experience!

    Diapers I haven’t played with MUCH…. I do have sensitive skin that doesn’t hold up real well for that, BUT, on the rare occasions I have done it, it’s been SO lovely and intimate. Yes, I have peed in a diaper once or twice and had it changed by a loving daddy! I felt so loved and taken care of.

    Thanks for the fabulous podcast.

    Want to meet BabyFurs to play with now!! How cute is that??

  6. Such a great episode. Thanks to both Masocast and Mako for doing this tear-jerking beauty!

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