Kink And Culture

In this episode:
A conversation with my friend Leila about sex camp, orgies, how kink is depicted in the mainstream media, the tricky parts of dating as a kinky person and lots more.
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  1. Great conversation (I’ll call it a conversation and not an “interview,” because that’s what it was, and that’s what great about these Masocasts — they have a really nice, unscripted flow.) This episode reconnected me to the Kink and Culture blog, which I used to follow and which dropped off my blogroll for some reason. Just re-bookmarked it after hearing Leila and your conversation.

  2. Oh God, a catwoman picture! Awesome!

    Not to be too critical, but I think not wanting cock beer is a little prudish for an orgy. Just a little, but still. 🙂 I remember once being to a club where they had matresses and the matresses were really wet. That was the point where I went: “no. uh-uh. Na-ah! Nope. Njet. Nein.”

    I must say, masturbating to your voice is not as pleasurable when I’m listening in the subway on my way off work. I just cant help myself 🙂

    A very nice conversation, and Leila convinced me that I should probably attend more scene stuff just to get the word out, just to become a trusted face and stuff. Well, after I moved to Hamburg, I’ll do that most definitely.

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