Princess Kali

A conversation with Princess Kali.  We talk about her latest venture Kink Academy, humiliation play, mistakes some dominants make, her journey into kink and lots more.

You can find her at and

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  1. Great episode! Some comments:

    1) I think Flagg’s differentiation of humiliation play makes sense (as put forth in “The Forked Tongue): there is humiliation – belittling someone for things that are *not* there. For example, calling Axe “a stupid little boy” might be humiliating, but ultimately, he’s not. Then there’s degradation – using actual (or perceived) flaws. This would be what Kali talked about with small penis play if the men really have smallish penises. And finally, objectification – taking personhood away from someone.

    2) The formspring questions really make me think about how I’d answer. I love them!

    3) If you want silly monickers, you should watch Season 5 of Buffy, where the big bad Glory is surrounded by henchmen who strain to give her appropriate titles (one coming up short with “oh… thou” 🙂

    4) I think the video site is a great idea, though I wouldn’t call it “better than books”, but different. When I saw a particularly impressive tie in an erotic video, I know I have tried to piece together how it was done in the past, but that was never the focus of the shoot and proved to be futile.

  2. Princess Kali should read Dune. Her superpower is directly developed in the novel.

    Loved the episode.

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