2 Episodes In 1

Two episodes for the price of one!

First I sit down with my friend Meghan.  I’ve had a lot of requests for a kink-aware professional and here she is. Meghan is a kink-friendly psychotherapist in New York.  For more information about her and her practice, visit http://MeghanHinman.com.

Part two of the podcast is a conversation I recorded with my friend Evermore as she reveals a very unique letter she received from her neighbor.

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  1. The podcast with Evermore was wonderful. My favorite of all time! Gallant, humility, honesty, risk, innocence, passion, deliberation, acceptance, shared interests, banter, and giddiness are adjectives to decribe the event that I just heard. The letter was impeccable, as I swooned as Evermore read it aloud. She told the story in a way that just kept me so engaged, and so anxious to hear what happened next. I highly anticipate the follow up episode. Again, my all time favorite. The bar has been set high!

  2. axe,

    Evermores experience was a delightful account, very good podcast as usual.

    Thank you,

  3. Just loved your talk with Evermore. I have to say she has the hottest laugh of any girl I know!!

  4. Thank you for interviewing Ms Hinman,

    I’ve avoided going to a therapist specifically because I was worried what they would think of my fetishes. I never considered that there might be some that are experienced in dealing with people in alternative sexualities. She inspired me to look for someone to talk to.

    Very very helpful.

    I too enjoy the part with Evermore.

  5. Great to hear Evermore on the podcast. Unfortunately I listened to the second part of the story before the first – I won’t do that again with Masocast. Here’s hoping Evermore will be back in the future.

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