Kink From Around The World: The Netherlands

The Kink From Around The World feature continues: A conversation with Luce who talks about the intricacies of feminist porn, how sexual freedoms have changes in the past few years in Amsterdam, how she came to terms with her submissive side, her many project promoting all things sex-positive, where to find the best kinky parties in Amsterdam and a whole lot more.

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  1. Excellent. I particularly enjoyed hearing about the development of feminism in the Netherlands and the discussion about feminist porn. I can relate on the difficulty of finding feminist femdom porn. The phrase, “Don’t hate the media, be the media” comes to mind… maybe feminist femdom porn is the ‘unicorn’ of pornography.

  2. Just listened to the podcast and hd a terrible urge to speak up for feminism. Your experience is not, let me reiterate, not typical for feminists in general. What you were recollecting about your »clashes« made me groan. We’re not all like this; really.

  3. Nice intervieuw! Like to here you talk about your experiences. I think you missed the opportunity to give the names of some great playparties.

  4. Hi there! How nice to read the reactions here on the interview 🙂
    @Patrick: I never state that my experiences are representative for feminism in general. They are my experiences what a certain group/branch of feminists in the Netherlands, which I had while doing project on sexuality. It is not about bashing feminism, I see myself as a feminist as well, a very proud one. I’m very very thankful for what feminism has brought us women, and society in general. Although I do believe that in certain waves/groups of feminism there’s a kind of backlash. On sexuality for example.
    But ok, enough for now 🙂
    Thanks for listening!

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