The Sex Carnival

Viviane stops by to talk tech, protecting yourself online, being social in the sex-positive community on and offline, sex events, why she started her website and lots more.

Some of the geekery we refer to:

A simple tool to save web pages for reading later.
BDSM & fetish community for kinksters by kinksters.

Web based, visual news reader

Stalker app Girls Around Me hunts women via Facebook, Foursquare

LastPass password manager

Pleasure Salon
Pleasure Salon gatherings bring together members of the BDSM, swinger, alternative gender, LGBTQ, sex-activist, porn, sex educator, nudist, sex-magic, polyamory, Pagan, radical faerie, tantra, sex-blogger, sex writer, pervert and sex-worker communities, and others whose passion is sex.

Windows program to wipe disk cache, browser history:

RTools R- Wipe & Clean

PC Tools Registry Mechanic

Portable Apps
Install and run various apps from your portable drive


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