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Ferns Is Back

Ferns is back for another triumphant episode. She talks about vanilla dating, how she can get 80% of what she wants from a vanilla man (and what that 20% is), how she brings the subject of her popular blog and podcast (or doesn’t bring it up), her writing and a whole lot more.
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Princess Kali Returns

Kali is back and we catch up after years to discuss what she’s been up to, her latest projects, many areas of kink education and of course her work on erotic humiliation. Find her at and on twitter @@ThePrincessKali


Justine Cross By Popular Demand

A conversation with Justine Cross where we talk about her persona history, how she got into kink personally and professionally, parties, FOSTA-SESTA and a whole lot more.

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Twitter @Justineplays
IG: @thejustinecross


Sinclair Sexsmith

Back With Sinclair

Sinclair SexsmithIt’s been a long long time but the podcast is back.

I recorded a few interviews over the summer and the first person I talked to was one of the first people I had on the show. Sinclair from We catch up and have a casual conversation about D/s, writing, the sex blogging world and more.




Try KinkedIn

Orion Stephanie Johnstone jumps on to talk about KinkedIn, a new social platform for the kinky.  We talk about their early explorations in kink, how the inspiration for a new social site came to be and a whole lot more.

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Sheefchah Talks Gor

Sheefchah emailed me over a year ago and volunteered to come on the show to talk about Gor, how it has helped her grow, how she incorporates it in religion, the Gor community in Chicago and a lot more.
You can find her on fetlife at here

You can find the event details for the next Chicago Gorean Gathering here