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Sheefchah Talks Gor

Sheefchah emailed me over a year ago and volunteered to come on the show to talk about Gor, how it has helped her grow, how she incorporates it in religion, the Gor community in Chicago and a lot more.
You can find her on fetlife at here

You can find the event details for the next Chicago Gorean Gathering here



Purple Passion

A conversation with Hilton from Purple Passion, one of the longest running kink stores in NYC.  We talk about the history of the kink scene in New York and how it’s changed over the years, how he got started selling fetish wear and sex toys, what   the difference is between a good and bad quality sex toy and a lot more.

Find out more at


Kali talks Erotic Humiliation

kaliKali is back to talk about her new book Enough To Make You Blush about Erotic Humiliation, what it is about humiliation that gets people off, how to explore it safely and things both dominants and submissives should consider when exploring it.

You can find her book on Amazon here and you can find Kali on Twitter @Princess_Kali



Ask For What You Want

Masocast LogoWe’ve had Lolita on the show, we’ve had Nayland on the show, but now we’ve got two for the price of one.

They talk about their relationship, how they started it, the rules they put in place to keep communication open, how they rally for one another and their partners.


Shermie and LeatherWings

Masocast  LogoThis episode it’s Sermie and Leatherwings. It’s always great to have such good friends on the show together, they feed and riff off each other in a way that makes you want to just sit back and let them roll.

We talk about their friendship, how each of them found BDSM. Shermie talks about how he negotiates before playing, Leatherwings talks about being blind in the scene.  We talk about switching,  how events can better cater to the disabled and a ton more.


You can find Shermie on fetlife here and Leatherwings on fetlife here


Geeky Kink

dndJeff Mach jumps on the show to talk about planning kink events. Geeky Kink is a hugely successful kink event that’s really taken off.

We discuss the brilliant idea of combining a sex event and things that are nerdy, why there are so many of us who would identify as geeks in the kink community, his early experience with events, the secret to a good event and a whole lot more.

You can also read his book on submission, Give, for free here.