Month: July 2012


Things Are So Much Easier Without Boobs

Brant MacDuff sits in front of the mic this episode to talk about moving to New York and meeting others in the scene, being a trans-man, read some of his kinky poetry, his lion’s mane and puts Julie Andrews to shame.

You can find him on Fetlife under the name AlastairMacDuff. Just be sure to mention you heard him on the podcast before friending him.

Also you can hear a few clips of the bonus episodes you’ll get by donating to the show and keep it up and running.


Professional Submissive Kat

In this episode we kick off the Masocast funding campaign! If you’ve got a few bucks to spare, help support the show and go to and pitch in.

The main event: A conversation with Kat who’s a professional submissive. She talks about what the deciding factor was for her to go pro, what she loves about being a submissive, what it takes to be one and how she manages a relationship while being a pro-sub. Find her online at