I Want A Sandwich Bitch!

Mistress Alex is back and we talk about aftercare for tops, punchfucking, top drop, humiliation play, gender play, the new sexual maneuver she’s created “The Roman Squirrel”.

You can find the image people freaked out on and their commends on Reddit and read what Alex had to say about it here.

Her website http://mistressalexnyc.com

On Twitter here @MistressAlexNYC

Here’s the image that caused the big stir.


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  1. As another Carson fanatic I too bemoan the lack of full episodes. All the DVD collections are of clips. The Carson estate is very protective of the material that they have.

    There is also a great tragedy and that’s the loss of the pre-1970’s tapes. I believe Carson’s greatest years were from around 1965 to 1972. NBC, in a common practice of the time, destroyed all the early years of the show. Carson was always bitter about this (as are his fans.)

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