Amiko Chan is Finally On the Show

CatThis episode, Amiko Chan joins the show after years of my bothering her to get in front of the mic.

We talk her experiences working at a pro house, relationships, being asked to “be more asian”, being a demo bottom, scene planning, reactions while playing and a bunch more.

As promised here’s a brief scan of some of her notes when she was first exploring:


Find her online and twitter @MistressAmiko

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  1. Another great show! Engaging and charming guest, and of course the always delightful Axe (who should have gotten Letterman’s spot!)

    I’m kind of surprised that fetishizing race or something else makes you uncomfortable, Axe. Some people like blondes, some redheads, some tall women, some in latex or leather…why not Asian? It’s not a “thing” for me, but I can understand it and not be bothered by it. It’s like when someone fetishizes amputee’s; it’s not my thing, but I think “thank god!” that someone is into that (for the sake of amputees). In general I think “thank god!” that someone is into the thing we may be. It gives me hope. And (sorry) but if your scene name is Amiko Chan, then you are selling (at least a little) the Asian aspect. She could have called herself something non-descriptive like Madame Viper or something, but that’s not what she did.

    Thanks again.

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