JT Revner

jtJT Revner jumps on for the 142nd episode of the Masocast

We talk about the kink scene in Detroit, losing ones virginity play parties, kinky programming, thinking with your big head when meeting people online, the benefits of having a kink blog, writing kinky apps and a lot more.

Follow him on his blog at jtrevner.com and twitter @JTRevner.

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  1. I enjoyed your interview on the Masocast, especially your candor about having yet to do the deed. I hope your first time had all the connection that you were hoping for, and that your kink and human education from this point on includes lots of high quality giving and taking.

  2. Oh crap…I meant to leave that comment on JT’s blog and forgot where I was. Well…I’ll trust he sees it.

    Ax I love how you’re getting people on from all over the kink spectrum.

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