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Push that Fker in and turn it on.

A talk with our very good friend, Mistress Widow.

She talks going to swingers clubs, almost slapping a guy’s eye out of his skull, drama while fooling around with couples, threesome etiquette, tickling, her kinky superpower and so very much more.

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You have to really be a Republican

A special thank you to everyone who donated to the podcast for a new microphone!

A conversation with Mistress Crimson.  We talk about being kinky in Chicago, why reading isn’t encouraged in professional dungeons, biting on the 1st date, International Mr Leather, doing a communist striptease. the difference between a bear and an otter, her ultimate fantasy and why it’s hard to fulfill it.

Also a toy review from Eden Fantasys.   Enter EFCAST upon checkout and save 20% on your total order.


No, You Do It

Please bear with me because my fancy microphone decided to break so the intro and outros are recorded with my laptop microphone.

This week, I sit down with a friend and discuss:

Porn in the 60s and 70s.
The two types of people in kink.
How Batman started him on the road to kink.
Psychological play
How do straight women do it?
Funniest kink and much more.

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The Kinky Switch Is Always On

A conversation with my friend V about her relationship with pain, her first experiences, playing with men vs women, her feelings on being a switch and lots more.

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