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Sinclair Sexsmith

Replay of Sinclair’s First Episode

Sinclair SexsmithBack in 2009 I recorded the first of a number of conversations with Sinclair.  To this day I get people emailing me telling me they stumbled upon the episode and that’s how they discovered Sugarbutch.  Sinclair is one of those people who you meet and even if you just “meet” them on their blog they change your perspective on life.  I’m so lucky to have met Sinclair and even luckier to have sat down for an interview.

In this episode Sinclair talks about gender, swagger, sex in public, cock confidence, how she’s having the best sex of her life and more.

Find more at Sugarbutch.net


Sinclair’s Submissive Playground

sinclairAn extra special episode with not one but three big-time guests.

Just a few more days until the Masocast fundraiser is all over. Thanks to everyone who’s supported the show in 2013.

Sinclair Sexmith jumps on the show to talk about Submissive Playground submissiveplayground.com , breakups, DS and MS and I start the long begging process to get Sinclair to move back to NYC.

Want to take the submissive quiz we talk about on the show? Find it here.

You can find Sinclair’s website at sugarbutch.net and on twitter here.

Plus Nayland Blake has a cameo on the show to talk about a new episode where you can pose your burning questions with “Ask A Gay Guy”. Got a question for a gay guy? Tweet @masocast or email [email protected] if you’d like to remain anonymous. There’s no such thing as a stupid question. Ok maybe there is but Nayland will answer all.


Say Please

Sinclair Sexsmith returns to the podcast. This time we talk about becoming poly, the new book “Say Please:Lesbian BDSM Erotica”, qualities of good erotica, gagging on sex toys and a whole bunch more.

Plus I’ve decided to take a break from the podcast after we hit episode 100. More details to come.

You can buy the book here.

Find Sinclair online at Sugarbutch.net, mrsexsmith.com, thebodyelectricschool.com

We mentioned Andrea Zanin’s “10 realistic rules for good non-monogamous relationships”, you can find it here.


Get A Dominant To Dominate

A conversation with Sinclair, Kristen and Sade about how a submissive can get a dominant to dominate and go about getting their needs and desires met without topping front the bottom. It’s a really tricky question and we had a lot of fun tackling it.  If you have any suggestions on how to get a dominant to dominate, leave a voicemail at (917) 720-7304.

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Could You Just Use Your Fist?

Sinclair talks about gender, swagger, sex in public, cock confidence, how she’s having the best sex of her life and more.

Read more about Sinclair at Sugarbutchnet

Thanks to Lady Lubyanka for the theme music this week!  She’s started her own podcast on kink as well.  Find the link to the Speencast on masocast.com

More listener-created theme songs in future episodes.