1. My little one gifted me a sparkly new 5DMK3 and I simply can't stop playing with it. Kid in a candy shop. Or producer in a porn studio.

  2. Pretty certain is one of the most intelligent, intriguing, and gracious women I know.

  3. Poor LA. But really, do I want my statistical science to come from a site that matches sugar daddies & babies?

  4. Mistress Simone Kross VISITING SAN FRANCISCO !!!! book sessions Oct 2nd thru 19th email

  5. All my favorite boys are lined up for next week in NYC, but there's always room for one more...

  6. In a moment of I don't know what I decided to re-furnish my entire living room last night and this a.m. I can barely move.

  7. All day at la Maison with not one but three delightful girls. I shall now unwind with bourbon & Shark Week.

  8. Whoa. Leopard print nipple clamps in the dollar bin at Michael's. What was I thinking only buying 2 packs??

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