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MJ Has Her S@#t Together

photoA conversation with MJ about the many kinky perople in her life, Fetlife relationship types, having kids, kink events, communication in relationships and a bunch more. You can find her on twitter @Headstrongfemme and on Fetlife MJ5

Also, friend of the show, Mako has a new book out, find it on Amazon here


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JT Revner

jtJT Revner jumps on for the 142nd episode of the Masocast

We talk about the kink scene in Detroit, losing ones virginity play parties, kinky programming, thinking with your big head when meeting people online, the benefits of having a kink blog, writing kinky apps and a lot more.

Follow him on his blog at and twitter @JTRevner.


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Amiko Chan is Finally On the Show

CatThis episode, Amiko Chan joins the show after years of my bothering her to get in front of the mic.

We talk her experiences working at a pro house, relationships, being asked to “be more asian”, being a demo bottom, scene planning, reactions while playing and a bunch more.

As promised here’s a brief scan of some of her notes when she was first exploring:


Find her online and twitter @MistressAmiko


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Ask A Gay Guy

NaylandTwo people donated to the show in March, you know who you are, thanks for supporting the show.

Nayland Blake returns to the podcast for “Ask A Gay Guy” as we cover questions submitted by listeners. We cover mocking pompous people, how to make gay friends, playing the long game, being the guy people turn to for their first experience, prostate orgasms and a bunch more.

His tumblr:

Find Nayland at
@naylandblake on Twitter and +naylandblake on google plus



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