Month: January 2012


Leopold Von Pistor

A conversation with Leopold Pistor about his early life exploring kink in the pro-scene, good versus bad experiences, homemade toys, the importance of not stealing books and a whole lot more.

Follow him on Twitter @leovonpistor and you can find him on Fetlife.

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SchoolSafetyPatrol and HollyGoNightly

SchoolSafetyPatrol and HollyGoNightly sit down and talk about their D/s relationship.   We talk about how they met, their introduction into the scene, their early experiences and how they’ve been increasing their level of kink in their lives.

You can find them on Fetlife here and here.   Holly has a great blog you can find here and they were even kind enough to share a copy of their early chat conversations here.

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Irene Boss

Happy new year!

A conversation with Irene Boss where we talk about dominating in strip clubs, the early day’s of online kink, how she found out more about her sexuality, kink events, life in Pittsburgh, being an exhibitionist, and a whole lot more..

Find her online at

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