Month: April 2012


Finding The Lobster

Mistress Crimson returns for another great conversation on the Masocast. She gives an update on her “dream scene” that she revealed the last time she was on, her love of burlesque, her bloopers, teaching couples and we talk about finding her a date.

Find her on her website and on Twitter at @MCrimson or email: [email protected]


Natasha Gornik: Part 2

Part 2 of our conversation with Natasha Gornik (go back and listen to part 1 if you haven’t yet) where she talks about her adventures in Berlin and Amsterdam, her artwork, how people view her photography and so much more.

You can find her online at` and follow her on twitter @natashagornik

Reminder: Sade and I will be at the Creating and Living Positive BDSM and Kinky Lifestyle Relationships Workshop May 26-27. Here’s the Fetlife event link.


A Year Of Sex

Mia joins the podcast again, this time to talk about her new book “A Year Of Sex”, the process of writing a book, poly people, jealousy, bad music at sex parties, her current relationship, her project Bedpost Confessions, moving to Austin, her podcast and a bunch more.

Find out where to buy her book at

Find her podcast at