Finding The Lobster

Mistress Crimson returns for another great conversation on the Masocast. She gives an update on her “dream scene” that she revealed the last time she was on, her love of burlesque, her bloopers, teaching couples and we talk about finding her a date.

Find her on her website and on Twitter at @MCrimson or email:

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  1. Great interview. I love when your guests are so open with their experiences and feelings and you do a great job at coaxing it out of them and also maintain a level of entertainment in general. Thank you!

    I really enjoy hearing about the experiences of Pro Dommes.

  2. I really enjoyed this. Ms. Crimson comes across as a very warm, smart, “real”, down to earth person. She obviously has a great sense of humor. Loved her fantasy about beating a Republican. I’m surprised she doesn’t have a line around the block! 🙂

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