A Year Of Sex

Mia joins the podcast again, this time to talk about her new book “A Year Of Sex”, the process of writing a book, poly people, jealousy, bad music at sex parties, her current relationship, her project Bedpost Confessions, moving to Austin, her podcast and a bunch more.

Find out where to buy her book at ayearofsex.com

Find her podcast at miaontop.com

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  1. I don’t watch the news so I don’t know what happens in the world. In my country news at noon show you people who have had accidents… how many stabs somebody got … bad news is not my thing.
    I do watch E News! That counts, right? (j/k) I prefer Science and Technology stuff.
    I tend to avoid anything that can make me feel bad like prices in the supermarket, or the lastest gossip about my neighbors.
    I guess I’m really not that masoquistic. 🙂

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