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Practical Restraint

This episode, it’s a conversation with Erin Houdini.  We talk about self bondage, the Big Rope Thing, how to approach someone you want to play with and a whole lot more.

Note:  Erin talks about being poly with her partner, this was true at the time of the recording but at the time this episode was released they were monogamous.

Learn more about Erin and order some of your own rope at www.erinhoudini.com.



Gemma Forbes, author of The Adult Spanking and Discipline Handbook A Comprehensive Guide to Corporal Punishment sits down for a conversation.   We talk about the many varieties of corporal play, the differences between corporal for erotic purposes versus corporal for discipline, the different types of people who enjoy corporal, why diversity in play is beneficial, how different sides to her dominance, spanking in the media,  how she got into it and a whooooole lot more.

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Kink From Around The World: The Netherlands

The Kink From Around The World feature continues: A conversation with Luce who talks about the intricacies of feminist porn, how sexual freedoms have changes in the past few years in Amsterdam, how she came to terms with her submissive side, her many project promoting all things sex-positive, where to find the best kinky parties in Amsterdam and a whole lot more.


Dungeon Place

A conversation with Tutivilus and Darling Evil from the Dungeon Place podcast.   We talk about the differences between swingers parties and BDSM play parties, the gay vs the straight scene, how Darling Evil started exploring her dominant side and the genesis of the Dungeon Place podcast.
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