Dungeon Place

A conversation with Tutivilus and Darling Evil from the Dungeon Place podcast.   We talk about the differences between swingers parties and BDSM play parties, the gay vs the straight scene, how Darling Evil started exploring her dominant side and the genesis of the Dungeon Place podcast.
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  1. I have a theory about the reason het play parties are often sex-phobic. I think it’s because the het BDSM scene contains a fair number of players who buy into the old sex roles of males as pursuers and owners, and women as pursued and property. I think the puritanism mentioned in the podcast goes along with these old sex roles.

    Whatever sex roles work for people are fine, and I don’t blame them for it–but it has a “chilling effect” on sexual freedom at het parties that is, by all accounts, not present at homo parties.

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