Hello Kitty

This episode, a conversation with Mistress Katya, we talk about her revelation of putting on latex, relationships, letting herself loose, her Hello Kitty obsession and more.

In other big news, the Masocast has a sponsor! Eden Fantasys is helping out with most of the cots of producing the podcast. Plus, if you enter EFCAST at checkout, you’ll save twenty percent off of your order.

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  1. Congrats on the sponsor!

    Man, I wish I’d have tied up dolls when I was young, simply because it makes for a good story. Maybe I’ll just pretend I tied up dolls when I was young… yeah, that’s what I’ll do.

    But… Hello Kitty? I don’t get it. Though that flogger sounds awesome (and painful, but… awesome!)

  2. Plus Eden Fantasies has been kind enough to help pick up some of the costs of producing the Masocast by becoming the first ever sponsor! Woohooo!

    Hmm. That’s very disappointing. Did you have other sponsorship offers?

  3. Just come across this new podcast. Great job! I’ll be following you guys. Cool sponsor too.

  4. Katya sounds amazing, puts an interesting image in your head… *off to pop a Wonder Woman dvd in*

    And congrats on the sponsor! I’ve been shopping with eden for a while now, imagine my surprise hearing about them in your podcast, small world I guess:)

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