There Are Always Going To Be Douchebags

In this episode I sat down with Sara Eileen, who you may know from A Place To Draw Blood Laughing.

She talked about being a sex geek, finding her sexuality, the types of people she likes to play with and I confess how she makes me feel stupid (because she’s so damn smart).

As always, your comments and feedback are encouraged on how to improve the podcast.


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  1. Another great interview. I just recently met Sara, though I’d certainly heard a lot about her from various people through KinkForAll and so on. So many points she made in this interview hit home, from the economic boundaries that “the scene” imposes to her bristling about reducing her sexuality to BDSM or even kinky.

    Sara is a great example of the complex, well read, ridiculously intelligent people who are the opposite of the creepy people so talked about in all of our communities. Can’t wait to hear more from her and I can’t wait for the interview with Dov. As an aspiring rigger, big name rope people fascinate me.

  2. Interesting to hear about Sara’s scene process, would be happy to hear you guys talk again.

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