Tag: puppy play


Hypno Kink

hypnodizzydemonette and Melody jump on to talk about Hypnosis and how they use it in kink.  How they got started, creative uses for hypnosis in pet play, types of fear play, pain how not to get hung up on things that don’t work, using their imagination to expore and a whole bunch more.


The Brains Behind Amorous Revolt

yandyThe brains behind Amorous Revolt jump on the show to talk about the genesis, planning and execution of the Queer Kinky Camping weekend retreat. We talk what makes a good event, their early experiences in kink, puppy play, sex parties and a whole lot more.

Go to amorousrevolt.com to register and save your spot. You can also use the coupon code “Masocast” to save $50 when you buy your ticket.

You can find Chelsea at newyorktoycollective.com and Yandy at about.me/eyeandy