Who The S**T Are All These Fools

Sade and I sit down with Ms Mona Rogers (MsMonaRogers.com) where we discuss why she moved to California (and why she moved back), different types of humiliation, dating submissive men, the epic film Showgirls, piercing the most….interesting play she’s ever done and a whole bunch more.

Thanks to the anonymous donor who donated $50 to the podcast last month.  Thanks whoever you are!


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  1. Axe,
    This is an exceedingly good podcast! I’ve seen M. Mona Rogers at Suspension and she’s extremely beautiful, but I had no idea how much fun she is. I think it would be a blast to have a session with her. You’re a lucky guy to know her, and all the other scene people who are your friends.

    Thanks again for another great show!

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