Casual Conversations With Kinky And Sex Positive People

Loving Violence

As always a huge thanks goes out to everyone who have donated to keep the podcast going for another year. I’ve been bugging Oliver to come on the show for years and he finally got sick of me asking. We talk about the complications that can come from being in a polyamorous relationship, dual citizenship, the awkwardness of play parties, mind fucks, being a switch, porn and chastity play. You can find him on twitter @lovingviolence
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Planet Midori

First of all, thanks to everyone who has donated so far. Every bit helps so thanks. Also thanks to Morgana Maye who’s joined Mistress Crimson and offered a gift for those who donate a certain amount. Midori jumps on the show this episode and we talk about her personal kink history, her many different events and classes, rope and a ton more.
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Bubbles, Nakedness and Piggyback Rides

The fundraiser to keep the podcast going for another year continues. Thanks to everyone who’s donated so far. This episode I sit down with irisenchanted and we cover such topics as, why it’s helpful to start out in kink with a broken leg, a new kink (for me anyway) called bubbling, being naked, another kink involving piggyback rides, jerking off at public play parties and more than what I can type. You can find her on Twitter and Fetlife as: irisenchanted
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F^ck-Party USA

Big news! If you’re one of the first seven people to donate $200 or more you get to hang with Mistress Crimson. If you’re in New York, Boston or Chicago you can meet in person, otherwise you can visit her via Skype. Get advice about your sex life, coming out to your partner, scene ideas or just shoot the shit. In this episode Kevin Allison is back. We talk about his experiences at Kink Camp, taking your time exploring sex, asses, electro play, cattle prods, orgies and a hell of a lot more.
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Sex On Spandex

We kick off the annual fundraiser to keep the podcast alive for another year. Like the show? Want it around for another year? Kick in a couple of bucks and help out. Evermore is back he recounts a really hot scene with a partner, fetishists, farts in a scene, using “fet” instead of “fetish”, being in a relationship with a fetishist, how to approach someone for play and more.
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Tara Indiana

Tara Indiana jumps on the show to talk about the golden age of BDSM in New York, cuckolding, the mob, how and why fetishes seem to go in trends, her new book and a whole bunch more. You can find her online in a bunch of places:…
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BDSM for Survivors

Mistress Crimson is back and we talk about how to recover from sexual violence and be involved in BDSM, the appeal of burlesque, Wonder Woman role-play, how not to compliment someone on their kinky photos, grumpy cat talk and more. Find her post “BDSM For Survivors” here Find her website here and find her on…
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Unicorns Having Sex With Rainbows

Greta Christina jumps on the show to talk about her new book, Bending: Dirty Kinky Stories About Pain, Power, Religion, unicorns having sex with rainbows, being out as kinky, how the kink community can become more accepted and a whole bunch more. You can find her new book on Amazon here (audiobook and print editions are coming…
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The People Of Kink

Crazy Heart from The People Of Kink podcast sits down for a chat about the great white north, having multiple people in a household and the balancing act that comes with it, aspects of being a service top, being bi and a ton more. Find his podcast at Play in new window |…
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Pony Play

We talk about a kink we haven’t covered much in the past: Pony Play. subMissAnn jumps on mic to talk about it and her new book “Pony Play” available on Amazon. Find the book on Amazon here and her website here Play in new window | Download | EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android |…
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A Mini Masocast

It’s a mini episode of the Masocast while Sade and I are out of town but you’ll get a full blown episode next week. This episode it’s all about listener email. Play in new window | Download | EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS
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I Want A Sandwich Bitch!

Mistress Alex is back and we talk about aftercare for tops, punchfucking, top drop, humiliation play, gender play, the new sexual maneuver she’s created “The Roman Squirrel”. You can find the image people freaked out on and their commends on Reddit and read what Alex had to say about it here. Her website On…
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