Casual Conversations With Kinky And Sex Positive People

Amiko Chan is Finally On the Show

This episode, Amiko Chan joins the show after years of my bothering her to get in front of the mic. We talk her experiences working at a pro house, relationships, being asked to “be more asian”, being a demo bottom, scene planning, reactions while playing and a bunch more. As promised here’s a brief scan…
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Ask A Gay Guy

Two people donated to the show in March, you know who you are, thanks for supporting the show. Nayland Blake returns to the podcast for “Ask A Gay Guy” as we cover questions submitted by listeners. We cover mocking pompous people, how to make gay friends, playing the long game, being the guy people turn…
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This week we’ve got two listener emails and a great conversation with Godsire. We talk about his experiences in the gay BDSM scene in DC, flakey submissive men, odd things people say at play parties, finding a mentor, service and a whole bunch more. You can find him on fetlife as Godsire, also the same…
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Aura and Jarvis

AuraBunny and JarvisDaddy jump on the show to talk about their unique relationship and amazing history together.  They talk about going to swinger parties vs kink parties, how they discovered the names of what they’re into, communication and how they have evolved.  You can find them on on FetLife under AuraBunny and JarvisDaddy, and they…
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Morgana Returns!

Morgana Maye is back on the show! We talk about BDSM as therapy, how kink is perceived in the medical community, guild and shame, how to play with someone on a deeper level, the DSM and a bunch more. Find Morgana on her website and on Twitter @MorganaMaye Also, friend of the show Midori is giving…
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Hey everybody, it’s Megan McCord!

Hey first of all a couple of people donated to the podcast this month in know who you are and thanks a ton! Also check out Lee Harrington’s new project More Shibari You Can of today (Jan 2nd) there’s just over a week left. This episode it’s a great conversation with Megan McCord…
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The Return Of Ferns

In this episode I shell out more details on how you can submit your own episodes to air on the Masocast plus Ferns is back on the show. We talk about her new book Domme Chronicles: Erotic Tales Of Love, Passion, & Domination, how a guy should properly display photos of himself on dating sites,…
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Ariana Chevalier

Hey happy 2014! We kick off the first episode of the year with a good friend. Sade and I sit down with Ariana Chevalier in her dungeon Ariana talks about her leather fetish, working as a phone-sex operator, New York city’s “Dungeon Alley”, The Fonz, how she discovered latex, and much more. Find her…
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Sinclair’s Submissive Playground

An extra special episode with not one but three big-time guests. Just a few more days until the Masocast fundraiser is all over. Thanks to everyone who’s supported the show in 2013. Sinclair Sexmith jumps on the show to talk about Submissive Playground , breakups, DS and MS and I start the long begging…
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Laura Antoniou

Hey everybody it’s Laura Antoniou! Laura is, of course, the author of the Marketplace Series, The Killer Wore Leather and much more. Laura jump on via Skype and we talked about service though computer games, her early explorations in the BDSM scene, some of the excellent classes she teaches and of course writing. You can…
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Loving Violence

As always a huge thanks goes out to everyone who have donated to keep the podcast going for another year. I’ve been bugging Oliver to come on the show for years and he finally got sick of me asking. We talk about the complications that can come from being in a polyamorous relationship, dual citizenship, the awkwardness of play parties, mind fucks, being a switch, porn and chastity play. You can find him on twitter @lovingviolence
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Planet Midori

First of all, thanks to everyone who has donated so far. Every bit helps so thanks. Also thanks to Morgana Maye who’s joined Mistress Crimson and offered a gift for those who donate a certain amount. Midori jumps on the show this episode and we talk about her personal kink history, her many different events and classes, rope and a ton more.
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